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savita bhabhi

2.1 Savita now shown inside the doctors office. There is a exam table(bed) at one side. Doctor is sitting down. Savita says “Hi Doctor, time for my annual checkup.” Doctor replies “Yes Mrs. Patel, please sit down.” — “How have you been, how is Ashok?”
2.2 Savita says “Oh, he has been busy. His job always keeps him away.” –“And I’m left alone, you know how it is!”
2.3 Doctor “Is that back pain you had a few months back still affecting you?”. Savita replies “No, doctor. I’ve been getting regualar massages for that, so its good”. A thought bubble showing a naked savita with manoj on top of her.”
2.4 Doctor stands up and points to a curtained area. Says “Ok, why don’t you go behind that curtain and change into the hospital gown. We’ll begin your checkup then.”