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savita bhabhi

4.1 View of Savita with the hospital gown on. The gown is too tight for her and we can see the outline of her nipples. Savita is thinking “This gown is so tight.” — “My boobs are almost bursting out of it and its hardly covering my ass!”
4.2 View from behind doctor. Savita inside the curtained area, but she has moved the curtain away with one hand and looking at the doctor. Her hand is till up on the curtain rod. Savita says “Doctor, isn’t this gown a little too tight for me?”
4.3 Doctor pointing to an exam table and saying “I’m sorry Mrs. Patel, this is the only one I have right now.” — “Why don’t you get on the exam table so we can begin”
4.4 Savita facing towards the exam table and getting up on it with her back to the doctor. Doctor thinking “I wish I could get up on that table with her” — “Just pressing against that hot body would make me cum!”

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