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savita bhabhi

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savita bhabhi

21.1 Closeup of Savita sucking on Doctors dick. Slurping sounds.
21.2 View from top. Doctors hands are now on Savitas head guiding her on his dick. Says “Yeah… just like that, your lips and tongue are making my tool so wet.”
21.3 View from doctors eyes. Doctor has pulled his dick out of her mouth so it is now at the tip of Savitas lips. Savita still holding on to it and kissing the tip. Doctor saying “You seem to be an expert in sucking Savitaji” — “The tool is wet enough now ” — (Connect with dialogue of 21.4)
21.4 Doctor again behind savita. He is holding his dick with one hand and other hand is spreading savitas legs near her pussy. Doctor says “Time to put it back in!” (This dialogue has to be connected with last sentence from 21.3)

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