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savita bhabhi

20.1 Doctor goes in front of Savita now with his rock hard dick right in front of her face. His dick is still wet from her pussy. He is looking at her with a cunning smile. Savita is staring at his dick with wide eyes completly shocked. Doctor says “Till you make it wet with your tongue, let me try and get your pussy lubricated naturally”
20.2 Closeup of Savitas face looking shocked with the dick right in front of her. She is thinking “Oh god, what have I got myself into this time!” — ” I should get out of here right now.”
20.3 Doctor with his fingers in her pussy. Savita’s hand going towards the doctors dick, he mouth opening up. She is thinking “But he’s already put his dick in my pussy, already FUCKED ME!” –“And he knows I’ve been fucked by the two building boys. I might as well go along with whatever he says!”
20.4 Savita closes eyes and takes his dick in her mouth. A very simple look on her face. Doctor too eyes closed and you can see satisfaction on his face. Sound from doctor “Ahhhhhh”

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