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savita bhabhi

19.1 Top view. Doctor pushing his dick just inside Savita’s pussy. Sound from savita “Doctor.. Ahhh!”
19.2 Closeup view. Doctors dick inside savitas pussy. Savita saying “Oh Doctor, I can feel something entering in my pussy. What is it??”
19.3 Different view of doctor fucking savita where we can see her face. She has a pained but still enjoying expression on her face. Savita says “My pussy is not wet enough, its too dry” — “It hurts!”
19.4 Doctor with his hands on Savitas ass, pulling his dick out. Its now at the tip of her pussy, just outside it. Doctor saying “Hmmm, looks like I will need to lubricate my tool” – “It will be more hygenic if your own juices are used for that Mrs. Patel. You’re going to have to take in your mouth and lick it good.”

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