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savita bhabhi

16.1 Close scene of doctor pulling off Savitas panties. Inset of Closeup of Savitas shocked face. (This should be a small box)
16.2 Doctor with a lustful look on his face “Don’t worry Mrs. Patel, its part of the exam” — “I need to see inside your pussy to make sure there are no problems there.” (Also a small box)
16.3 Savitas panties are now off completely and just around one of her feet. Doctor has his hands in between her legs spreading them. Says “Please spread your legs wide apart, so I can get a good look.”
16.4 View from doctor’s eyes of savitas spread legs and wet pussy. Doctor saying “So you said both your holes were filled” — “Does that mean you got fucked in your ASS and your PUSSY?”

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