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savita bhabhi

15.1 Doctor with a shocked look on his face. Closeup of his hardon. Thinking “Wow, I don’t believe it. I’ve got my hands on a real horny housewife” – “And today I didn’t get traffic also while coming to work” — “This has to be my lucky day.”
15.2 Doctor now turning Savita around. She is facing him while lying on her side and his hand is on her ass. Doctor saying “Oh! Hmmm… That could be the reason. I better check closely, turn around again please.”
15.3 Scene from top and front of savita. Doctor pulls off her panties to just below her thighs. Savita with a shocked look on her face.
15.4 Savita looking shocked says “What are you doing doctor, why did you just pull off my panties?”

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