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savita bhabhi

12.1 Doctor holding savitas hands and pressing her fingers on one of her breasts pressing downwards at the nipple. Saying “Use your fingers and start moving downwards from your nipples, like this” –“Make sure you do this really slowly.”
12.2 View from top. Doctor holding both her hands and places her palms on either side of her nipples of one breast.Saying “Then take both your hands and move them around your breast like this to feel for anything.” Closeup of doctors hardon.
12.3 Doctor saying “Actually, since you have not done it properly from quite some time, I think it’s better I do a complete breast checkup myself.” — “Can you please move the gown a little lower?”
12.4 Savita thinking “Oh, I might as well do it now. Anyways this flimsy gown is hardly covering anything”

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