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savita bhabhi

11.1 Savita with an innocent look on her face pressing her boobs with both hands now. Says “First I cup them from below and genty massage my boobs to see if I can feel anything different”
11.2 Savita now with one of her fingers pressing her nipple, while other hand is still on one of her breasts. She is looking more slutty now. Says “Then I take my nipples in my fingers and gently squeeze them.”
11.3 Doctor looking at Savita playing with her boobs. She is looking straight at him. Doctor thinking “Man, this is so hot. I have to touch those boobs” — “I just can’t stop myself.”
11.4 Doctor saying “No, no, Mrs Patel. That is all wrong” — “Looks like I’m going to have to show you how to do it right.”

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