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savita bhabhi

1.1 Savita entering a doctors clinic. You need to draw it in such a way that we know it is a doctors clinic. She is dressed in a Salwar Kameez(See SB4.1 for salwar description)
1.2 Savita inside doctors office. A receptionist is sitting down at a desk. Receptionist says “Hello Mrs. Patel, how are you?” — “Just sit down for a few minutes. Dr Shweta will be with you for your full body checkup right away.”
1.3 Savita sitting down. She sees a good looking male doctor* passing by. herself “I just hate this yearly body checkup. And that Shweta always makes me wait.” — “Hmm, I’d rather have my exam done by this guy. I wonder how it would be getting a examination done by a hot male doctor!”